The IRS has issued the standard 2016 mileage rate to be 54 cents per mile. I will use http://www.csgnetwork.com/mileagecompcalc.html to calculate the mileage cost and include that in my service estimate
I will provide my own lunch, but I will not be providing lunch for the trainees.
I have PowerPoint slides for all my trainings, but I do not have to use them. I do ask that each company print out the outline for the training and distribute to all attendees. I will provide any other materials. I also like to show related video clips, so access to a computer, the Internet, and a projector is preferred, but not required.
In the event a training is cancelled for any reason (health, weather, and emergency). The trainings will be rescheduled for a time that works with the company and the trainer as close to the original date as possible.
Payments are due at the conclusion of the training.